Our Story

Early in 2019, Canadian Black Entertainment (CBE) was born out of a shared vision of excellence, a positive attitude, a sense of pride and a sense of community. Quisha Wint, CEO and Executive Producer of QW Productions, had two main concerns she wanted to explore. The first, was that she had been seeing and reading about poorly promoted, disorganized events with low attendance in Toronto and the GTA within the Black community. The publicity around these instances was starting to impact general public perception about events organized within this community. As a producer and performer of high quality live entertainment productions, Quisha was motivated to see what could be done to change not only the perception, but the root causes.

Secondly, with more than 25 years in the Canadian performing industry, Quisha’s other concern was around the practice for major Canadian entertainment events to recruit and award the highest value entertainment contracts to American headliners, instead of tapping into and supporting the wealth of equally talented artists available in Canada. It appeared the only way top Canadian artists would receive the same opportunities was after they gained recognition or achievement in the US. In some cases, even the opening acts were also recruited from outside of Canada over local talent. The result has been a lack of awareness and support in Canadian society for its own artists. Quisha was determined to find a way to change that.

Quisha reached out to whom she believed were some of Toronto’s greatest entertainment producers in her community and who were producing well-organized, promoted events full of excellent, Canadian talent. These producers are: Joan Pierre – Joan Pierre and Associates, Dwayne Morgan – Up From the Roots , Lisa Michelle and Gina P – Orange Moon Entertainment, and Nia Cole – LFM Productions.

Everyone came together in the shared vision to create, celebrate and promote Canadian Black artistry. CBE understands that “many hands make light work”. Through our collaboration and in leading by example to produce quality entertainment, CBE is demonstrating to the Canadian entertainment community and its consumers that we can change perceptions, raise expectations, create bigger shows and broaden audiences for Canadian Black artistry. We are working to create opportunities to bring artists that are not being seen enough to the forefront and to also build excellence in our community.

We can change perceptions, raise expectations, create bigger shows and broaden audiences for Canadian Black artistry.

Quisha Wint, Founder of CBE

CBE began demonstrating this collaboration immediately by cross-promotion and mutual support of our individual productions, which enabled us to grow and share our audiences and to raise awareness of the amount of talent and entertainment available right here in the Toronto area. In 2020, CBE rolled out a successful social media campaign during Black Music Month that promoted and celebrated nearly 200 Canadian Black Music Artists from across Canada. This year, CBE launched IG-Live with CBE – a weekly live interview that features two guest artists each week, in order to celebrate and promote Canadian Black artistry and to inspire up and coming artists. CBE is presently engaging artists across Canada to broaden our scope beyond Toronto and GTA to a national level.